About Our Corporation

We welcome all cryptocurrency users, online entrepreneurs and professional investors. If the thought of earning stable government guaranteed income online interests you, then Capital Share Markets Ltd. is the company that will help you achieve incredible success in a short period of time. This investment platform is the result of our intensive and careful planning with the government of the Philippines to provide investment into the National Housing Authority of the Philippines, which is a Housing Program for the TYPHOON YOLANDA PERMANENT HOUSING PROGRAM, and Settler Families Residing in Danger Areas of the Philippines.

National Housing Authority of the Philippines guarantees all contractors and in turn investors a high value returns on investment into this program. It has been in effect for the past few years, and it is ready to offer high quality, and most importantly, secure capital investment return on the basis of government sponsored and guaranteed business model, to ensure our program can be adopted by everyone internationally, we have made this program exclusively a Bitcoin investment program with all Bitcoin deposits and cash-outs.

Our company has already established its positive reputation in the UK, where Capital Share Markets Ltd. has passed the required registration process and received a permission to conduct financing activities around the world. Today Capital Share Markets Ltd. team invites you to become a part of the successful business, which brings a stable government guaranteed income in the amount of 2% -5% on a daily basis, without any restrictions or hidden fees. Your income depends on the size of your investment and your desire to earn money!